Girl Child… 

Perturbed I am wondering if things would have been the same if I had been your son… 

It’s unfortunate being deprived of the opportunity to take care of your parents… ‘coz you are their daughter & not their son…

They are fine bearing tantrums of their son; but can’t imagine trusting their daughter to take care of them. 

They are blind when it comes to their son who conveniently shrugs his responsibility.

But hang on ain’t it my responsibility too? Am I not a part of you too?? Or is this special treatment solely because am your daughter? 

Daddy,  would you have behaved the same? I wonder….

Life’s so unfair… here I am dying to take care of you and there you are… preferring to handle it alone. Don’t you realise how much it hurts to see you suffering physically and moresoever emotionally… 

It’s time you realised a daughter is equivalent to 100 sons and that she genuinely cares. She ain’t weak at all and will ensure no harm comes to you…

She is stronger than your son as she is ruled by her heart and will stand by you come what may. 

But, you make me repent for being your daughter… 

Wish I was your son… Feeling helpless and worthless isn’t any fun…!!


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