Many a times I wondered if there was innocence still remaining in this world so harsh and brutal… 

I looked around and witnessed only jealousy and scheming…

Selfishness ruled the charts while rudeness seemed to be the mantra of the era. 

An attitude that left me worried and I deeply searched for some innocence and a little speck of humanity… 

And then ‘YOU’happened in our lives… 

Innocent hands stretching for love… 

Beautiful eyes saying it all… This truly was Heaven on earth… simply DIVINE..!!! 

All grudges were forgotten as I drowned in your eyes,  basked in your selfless love and was lost in your never-ending innocent chatter. 

Yes,  innocence still exists in this inhuman world… in my life…and in this awesome bonding between mother ‘n’child.

Love you my Princess!!



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