A Musical Adventure

Book Title: Voice Mates
Author: Anamika Mishra
Publisher: Jaico
Genre: Fiction/Romance
MRP: Rs.250
No of pages: 202


‘Voice Mates’ as the name suggests, is all about the voice or music; more so about a musical reality show. Being the kind of person who dotes on Reality shows, this book came as a pleasant read. Though more of a chick-lit, it captures emotions perfectly. The drama, play of emotions and family melodrama are beautifully intertwined with teenage dreams. Written in a simple way, easy to comprehend and relate with, ‘Voice Mates’ automatically connects the reader to Tulip Hill – the obedient daughter of her disciplinary parents.


Tulip is awestruck by the musical reality show, ‘Voice Mates’ and it is her ardent desire to participate in it one day. Her parents like any other typical parent want her to pursue a more fruitful and promising career rather than whiling away time in fetish musical pursuits.

Fate brings her Sam, a person as passionate about music as her. They share their dreams and decide to become music partners and together participate in ‘Voice Mates’. What follows, is a journey of aspirations, emotional turbulence and most importantly a battle of determinations.

I especially liked the portrayal of the human side of Tulip’s parents. She thinks they will not support her and decides to pursue her dreams behind their back but Sam advises her to be truthful to her parents. Much to Tulip’s surprise her parents support her and encourage her to pursue her dreams.

The book is blended with teenage moments of crush and fantasies, making the reader wonder whether Sam and Tulip will ultimately fall in love.
The book doesn’t end on a typical ‘happily ever after’ note but has a more realistic ending which is the high note of the book.

Definitely a must read for the music lovers and the day dreamers who dwell in the dream world of reality shows!

Anamika Mishra

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