The Spiritual Side of Life



Book: When Life Turns Turtle
Author: Raj Supe
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Pages: 469
Genre: Fiction, Spirituality
Rating: 4/5


‘When life turns turtle’ is a book many can relate to. When things run smoothly in life, we tend to take it for granted. Rarely does it dawn to us that ‘Happiness and sadness are but temporary phases’ and that we must be prepared for both.
Thus when one is basking in happiness and all of a sudden unhappiness or sadness hits us, we tumble. Being unprepared, we are first left drowning in self-pity and then we take refuge in prayers and spirituality.


Indraneel, the lead character in the novel too goes through the same vicious cycle of life. He is a famous Bollywood celeb, a young and successful film maker and is bestowed with all life’s goodness – fame, fortune and lady love. When he is at the zenith of his career, all of a sudden his life take a complete U turn. He is overcome with despair and is hurt from deep within his heart.
He then decides to go on a soul searching mission which leads him to Rishikesh and this is where he gets many answers and the entire perspective toward life changes for him.


The novel renders advice to many seeking souls in a story like manner, making it interesting. Unveiled are life’s truths, known but not spoken of quite often.
A perfect unison of ancient philosophies and modern beliefs, this book goes to prove that life’s philosophies are not time bound. Only the presentation changes in the modern technological era, the solutions and philosophies existed then and exist even today.


Indraneel represents today’s human. He is the author’s chosen character sketch with which the reader traverses a journey of self-discovery and realisation.
I especially liked the title of the book which is very relevant to the plot. The pace of the book does not follow uniformity, but that doesn’t hinder the reader’s attention in any way. The reflective passages and vivid descriptions will keep the readers glued and make them ponder and retrospect.


Well written book with a strong message.
Happy reading!


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