Creativity Galore


A creative evening amidst talented artists and their spellbinding work left me feeling extremely elated.

Rainbow Art Gallery at Paryatak Bhavan, Begumpet is known for its exhibitions and displays but this time I was completely bowled over.
The curator, Sayyad Shaiek organized a national art show, Art Invasion-4, to promote working and emerging artists. The art lovers in Hyderabad made the most of the lazy winter evening to indulge in a creative display of exceptional art work.

15 artists in total displayed 45 works. Some of the participating artists were – Arti Nagpal, Anita Sharma, Sreeranjiny Ganesh, Poornima Jasti, Purnima Gupta, Jyoti Geddam, Shweta Agarwal… to name a few.
The display was a perfect unison of three art types – acrylic on canvas, oil on canvas and water colour paintings.

My favourites were the two thematic works of Arti Nagpal. One was an acrylic on canvas while the other was an oil on canvas. These two works were a part of her upcoming series, ‘Women and their Space’. These paintings signified women in general and how each woman dons multiple caps and plays myriad roles in her personal and professional arena with equal enthusiasm, confidence and vigour. In these paintings Arti tried to portray the inner strength of women who stay unshaken by life’s atrocities.

The other favourite of mine was the acrylic on canvas by Ranjiny. This was the portrayal of Buddha and reflected an ethereal aura of peace and sanctity, leaving me looking at it every now and then. Another work that caught my eye was an oil on canvas by Jyoty Geddam, portraying a peacock. This was a perfect depiction and made me smile to myself.

On the whole the evening was a perfect blend of art and interaction with various artists and left me contented and gave my Sunday a creative spin!



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