Jingle Bells!

With Christmas around the corner, we all take the opportunity to surprise our loved ones by playing Santa and showering them with gifts.
Secret Santa is doing its rounds on social media, but somehow I personally love handing over gifts to my loved ones, rather than couriering them. I bask in happiness as I watch them smile in glee as they unwrap their gifts…

Here are 20 gifting ideas for those who are still wondering what could bring a smile on their loved ones faces:


For the girls:


1. Perfume
2. Books
3. Kindle
4. Aroma candles
5. Make-up kit – nail paints, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blusher, etc
6. Discount vouchers
7. Collage of priceless moments shared together
8. Cute mobile covers
9. Jewelry – rings, bracelets, anklets, danglers, ear rings, neck-pieces, jewelry sets, etc
10. Clutches
11. Purses
12. Soft toys
13. Diary/Planner
14. Wrist watch
15. Trendy Belts
16. Coffee mugs
17. Glares
18. Tops/tees
19. Chocolates
20. Bottle of Wine


For the boys:

1. Books
2. Kindle
3. Planner
4. Pen
5. Tie
6. For the gadget freak – Bluetooth, headphones, etc
7. Shirts
8. Jacket or wind cheater
9. Wrist watch
10. Camera
11. Bean bag
12. Shaving kit
13. Glares
14. Funky bracelet
15. Perfume/Deodorant
16. Wallet
17. Coffee mugs
18. Punching bags, boxing gloves
19. Dumbbells
20. Travel kit



So, what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!


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