Back in action!


blog-11 dec


Yes, am back from my hibernation and this time am here to stay 🙂

I missed my blog…and am sure I was missed too.

No concrete reason for my absence but was just a little caught up in my own little world. Now that things are back to normal and I feel rejuvenated too, my online activity will gain momentum soon.


For starters, here’s a little chewy for the grey cells – 

Life at times catches you completely unaware and many a times pushes you in very difficult spots, what do you do?

Well, there are two ways to tackle situations like these –

  1. Moan and groan and shed those tears till the pain is lessened and you get back to your normal life. After effect – health is affected, many foes and allies are snapped at (read as – with equal intensity); many relationships are ruined and you become irritable and cynical.
  2. The impact is felt but is momentary and you realise, ups and downs are a part of life and actually you learn from each experience. So why waste tears and drown in self pity when there is another opportunity around the bend.

True, the first situation is a normal reaction and is how most of us usually react. But, now that we know there is another way to react and that hardships and challenges are but stepping stones to success and can be treated as a signal for sunshine ahead; life becomes beautiful and worth living. So bid adieu to unnecessary woes and dig for happiness even in pain, look for a positive ray of hope even when you feel completely hopeless.

Nothing is permanent – sadness and people included. So why fret for temporary stuff? Bask in happiness and celebrate the permanence of love, laughter and hope. This will give you opportunities for little victories every day, calling for a celebration in every situation.

So, straighten your crown and move ahead…the ‘Queen’ is here to stay!



  1. Welcome back girl! And that was a well-written post that sums it up. Yeah, mourning n groaning takes too much time. My philosophy is get busy and today I plan to get busy by finishing my ToDos and make that Gajar ka Halwa 🙂

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