Beautifying Lives!

Vijaya at work...
                               Vijaya at work…

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”
Who doesn’t wish to stand out in a crowd and become the cynosure of all eyes? We all do but little do we sit back and ponder about those who dedicate their lives to fulfilling this wish of ours. I am referring to Beauty Experts. Here’s a chit-chat with Vijaya Lakshmi, Owner, Urban Edge Beauty Services & Bridal Make-Up; an amazing person totally dedicated to make everyone look beautiful. Read on…

How did the journey in Beauty begin? What inspired you?
I think beauty always inspired me. As a little child when I saw my mother and my aunts dressing-up, I always thought that I would grow-up one day and dress them up or do their make-up. But the real turning point was when I started visiting beauty parlours as a teenager and saw the ‘Parlour Didi’ work wonders on her clients; this inspired me the most.

An insight into your Beauty Salon?
My Beauty Salon is the most comfortable and homely place for anyone. I insist on a personal touch and make sure that my clients are not just happy but are delighted and totally satisfied with our services.

Your idol in life?
Both professionally and in terms of beauty it definitely is Madhuri Dixit. I just like the way she takes care of her beauty even at this age. I am sure she is a thorough professional with excellent work ethics.

Your most cherished dream?
I would love to see myself in Shahnaz Husain’s shoes one day — a chain of Beauty Salons, servicing clients globally.

A typical working day in your diary…
Professionally my day starts off with a review of my appointments. I like being organised and so I make sure that I am always punctual for all my appointments. Clients take top priority all through the day. I would say the days are hectic with phone calls and other business related activities. The end of the day is usually a quiet dinner with my daughter.


A typical holiday in your diary…
I am a lazy person when it comes to holidays. I take very few holidays, but whatever little holidaying I do is usually packed with a lot of good food in a quaint silent place. A beach side holiday suits me best.

Your idea of a perfect holiday…
Maldives is ideal. Cool sea breeze and pristine white beaches…!

Your passion, hobbies….
Cooking and stitching are my hobbies. Given a chance I could have been a good mechanical engineer as well; I can always try my hands on repairing any mechanical device. LOL! 😉

As a Beauty Expert what is your tip to the ladies to look beautiful and eternally young…
No beauty is greater than internal beauty. Eat raw fruits and veggies, have lots of water and be happy from the inside.

Vijaya as a professional and Vijaya as a home-maker; how similar and different is she?
Honest, dedicated and committed always. I am the same professionally and as a home-maker.

Way to go Vijaya! You truly are an inspiration to many. While your hands magically beautify faces, your priceless thoughts and words motivate all. Keep beautifying and inspiring, you are a fantastic human being!



  1. This post is extremely inspiring ! You’ve shown that womanhood is all over and we women are and will always be the best ! Cheers to we beautiful women 🙂 who are not just externally pretty but way to pretty from deep within thy hearts!

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