Oneness of Life and Environment

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Aren’t we often complaining about feeling ‘hellish’ or ‘depressed’ or ‘low’ and blaming it on our environment? It’s strange but we end up blaming the environment, others around us and our circumstances whenever we get negative or unfavourable results.

Little do we realise that the environment reflects our own life. So if you think you are happy…everything around you looks happy and joyful and on the other hand if you think you are unhappy, everything around you loses its charm.

Yes, I agree successes and failures are a part and parcel of life. But, even failures can be taken in a positive stride. Fine, your relationship didn’t work or you lost your job or failed in an exam; how about using these failures as opportunities to improve yourself. Why did these happen? What was lacking from your end? How should you better yourself? The moment these questions pop in your mind, be assured you are on the right track. These questions will motivate you to seek answers and ultimately you will use the negative situations as opportunities for your own ‘Human Revolution’.


Our lives and the environment may seem as two completely different entities but in reality they are identical. The environment is the shadow of your life. Just like you cannot separate your body from its shadow in the same way your life and the environment around you cannot be separated; they are one.

Thus your human revolution starts from within your inner self. Tell yourself, you are happy no matter what. Let hell break lose, you will not lose confidence in yourself. With faith, courage and compassion in your heart; you will stride with positivity towards not only making yourself happy but spreading happiness all around.

It’s a beautiful world… absorb the beauty and positivity from those around you and reflect the same. The moment you start thinking this way, your entire attitude towards life changes.

Isn’t it awesome that you have the capacity to affect the complete environment around you! So, cheer up and gear up… never wipe the smile from your face. Be happy and spread happiness all around.

Cheers to a happy today and all the happy tomorrows of your life! Together let’s make the world a happy place.




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