“Shake to Shape” – Rahat Khan


Having met people from various walks of life has truly enriched my life as each person has something to teach. Meeting Rahat Khan taught me a lot about taking life in a positive stride always. To keep smiling no matter what. Her high energy level can put any youngster to shame. A super busy woman, as she is into myriad activities; plans her day perfectly to ensure she does justice to her professional as well as her personal life. One part of her day is dedicated to her beauty salon, ‘Marigold’ while another part to ‘Herbalife’. In between she beautifully squeezes time out for her club meetings and personal commitments. Let’s hear from the lady and learn how to balance work, home, beauty and fitness…

Beauty Time!
                                    Beauty Time!

How was ‘Marigold’ born?
I certified as a Cosmetologist as a part of my hobby and extension of ‘Fiteez Gym’ to provide wellness to all. In the year 2004 the advertisement in my mail to attend the world’s largest beauty expo “Cosmoprof” in Bologna landed me on a tour of Bologna, Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence… Italy. My quest for beauty ended there, from the workshops I attended for Spa Therapy and Skin therapy.

A beauty tip for all those women out here – to look young and graceful for eternity…
‘Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise’ to look young and stay beautiful. ‘Shake (as in have a Protein shake daily) to stay in shape!

Cheers to Herbalife!
                                 Cheers to Herbalife!

How did the journey in Herbalife begin?
My menopause stage took a toll on my health and skin which brought my haemoglobin count to 8 and I was put on a Hormonal Replacement Therapy which had lot of side effects. That’s how Herbalife came into my life and transformed me into a healthy energetic ‘me’ through nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

What is your take on a perfect healthy life?
Ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep fit and stay healthy.

Please elaborate – Ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep fit and stay healthy?
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as the saying goes, “Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Pauper.”

Nutrition which has low sugar, low salt, low carbohydrates and high vitamins & minerals with adequate amount of protein, fibre and water is the key to a healthy life.


A typical day in your diary?
Filled with appointments.

You are into so many things….yet you are always fresh and active….what’s the secret?
‘Smile’…be positive and take things as they come.

Interests and hobbies…
Music, shopping and learning new things.

Your idol in life
Everyday experiences and people around me.

Fun time!
                      Fun time!

Your Success Mantra?
Live and let live!

Your long cherished dream…
Making the world ‘healthier’ and a better place to live with love in the air.

Your ideal stress buster….
Tom and Jerry cartoon clips and Namaaz.

Family Time!
                   Family Time!

Way to go ‘Rahat Khan’, you sure are an inspiration to many. We shall definitely ‘Shake to stay in shape’ and keep smiling to stay perennially young!


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