Elegance Personified!


A face endowed with immense grace, reflecting peace and warmth; dressed with a smile that is worth a billion dollars; that’s Komal Ramchandani – an epitome of success and beauty. Her go-getter attitude and a winner’s spirit is what makes her stand tall amidst a crowd. Here’s a sneak peek into her world of success and aspirations. Read on…

What inspired you to launch ‘Kodak Express’?
Photography has been in my husband’s family since many generations, a passion that they all pursued relentlessly. I joined in much later after our marriage, helping out at our photo studio in Banjara Hills; that’s when I fell in love with the field and decided to pursue it further. My husband inspired me to take it to the next step and helped launch Kodak Express, where I could help people make memories last a lifetime through our products and services.

Kiran Bedi visits Kodak Express
              Kiran Bedi visits Kodak Express

Many customers and renowned personalities would have dropped by your store, anyone left a permanent mark?
The most memorable customer I’ve ever had was Kiran Bedi; who visited our store while attending an event at Crossword bookstore. While she was addressing the audience at the event, we clicked a few pictures of her and decided to gift her with a specially framed picture once she visited our store. She was very impressed with the gesture and swift service and thanked us with her humble and kind words. Her humility and warm smile is what left a mark, a person I will never forget.

What are your passions, interests and hobbies?
My passion is to deliver happiness to people with the help of our products and services. Apart from my professional life, I love to travel, listen to music and spend quality time with my family.


Your idol in life?
My idol was, is and forever will be the evergreen and lively Big B (Amitabh Bachchan). His determination and passion towards his field has always inspired me to do the same in my professional and personal life. He has proved time and again that age is no bar when you want to succeed in life, as long as you are passionate about what you do, which helped me launch my own business so late in life, when everyone else is planning their retirement.

Your most aspired dream?
My most aspired dream is to see my business reach new heights and expand in itself, also to be known as an inspiration to women, young and old.

Amongst the line of beautiful and creative products in Kodak Express, which is your personal favourite and why?
My personal favourite product from our store has to be the ‘Magic Mirror’, which looks just like a normal mirror at first, but when it is turned on, a photograph appears as though it is framed. It serves dual purposes while giving an element of surprise.

A typical ‘holiday’ for you is…
A typical holiday for me is anywhere that offers peace and tranquillity, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, ideally a seaside resort, where I can relax on the beach while listening to the calming sound of waves.

Your Success Mantra…
My success mantra is very simple; hardwork and making sure customers don a smile when they leave our store.

Do you plan to take ‘Kodak Express’ to the next level?
In the next five years, my aim is to expand Kodak Express by opening up more stores of the same franchise.

Way to go Komal Ramchandani! You sure are a source of inspiration to many women. Wishing you more and more success as you strive confidently, aiming for the skies and focusing on your dreams.

Goodies galore @ Kodak Express
Goodies galore @ Kodak Express


  1. It is really amazing to learn the facts about kodak. Kudos to you and your achievements. We congrats to your great value work. Full marks to you and family. We pray that you go to dazzling heights. Bravo……

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