A Woman of Substance!

Sushmita Belde
Sushmita Belde

I am starting the ‘Success Stories Series’ capturing achievements from the women entrepreneurs in my WEJ (Women Entrepreneurial Journey) family.
Each woman here is an embodiment of strength and talent and echoes an untold tale of confidence and optimism.

Starting the series with Sushmita Belde, here’s the interview of a lady I truly admire.
Sushmita is a Financial Consultant and also an Event Planner (Owner of Drishti Events).
Life has put her through many trying moments but nothing has ever deterred her from achieving her goals. An amazing and inspirational mom, Sushmita is endowed with talents; Painting, handicrafts (knitted and embroidered) and Saree designing are some areas that she excels in. Read on about her dreams, achievements and more…

Was becoming a Financial Consultant a decision of the heart or a forced one?
Circumstances made me take up this field which had knocked my door of opportunities at the right time when my family was going through major financial crisis. I can never forget Kalpana Singh who had come as an Angel and offered me this job.

Your biggest learning from this profession?
This profession is very tough. To survive in the life insurance industry is a do or die situation. There are incidences when people cannot take the pressure in this industry and give up within the first 3 months.
One needs motivation and a challenging spirit to survive in this industry. I proved to myself and now its 13 years that I have been in this industry. This itself is a big learning for me and has made me much stronger and independent.

A Memorable Event - 'Shopping Bonanza'
A Memorable Event – ‘Shopping Bonanza’

What made you venture into events?
In the year 2002 I was participating in various exhibitions showcasing my block print dress materials, at that time during one such exhibition an idea popped in my mind; why don’t I start giving a common platform to all women entrepreneurs to showcase their products and talents thus ‘Drishti Events’ was born.

One Event organised by you that you can never ever forget and why?
‘Shopping Bonanza’, an event organised in the year February 2013 will always be a memorable one for me. It was inaugurated by actress Ritu Varma, the Guests of honour were Dygvanya Sharma (a Leading Numerologist) and Renuka Devi (a renowned speaker).
This event can never be forgotten as Drishti Events had taken a break as I had begun working in a private firm. The day I resigned (November 31, 2012), I decided to have an event and I successfully organised ‘Shopping Bonanza’ and it was a super duper hit, widely covered in the media.

Sari designed by Sushmita Belde
Sari designed by Sushmita Belde

You design saris as well….have you ever thought of taking that to the next level?
No, I haven’t yet thought of taking sari designing to the next level but if I get an opportunity to showcase my creativity then I definitely would.

What about painting? What are your plans in this arena?
Painting was always my hobby since childhood and now I’m taking it seriously and trying to take it to the next level by promoting my artwork online through e-commerce.

Your Success Mantra in life?
Never give up keep trying ‘n’ trying ‘n’ keep bouncing back. Each time you fall, rub your bruises smilingly and go ahead without stopping; success will be yours!

Wow! Way to go lady. You make us truly proud.


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