Follow your Dreams!

“Press onward to fulfill your dream.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Adhering to this motivating piece of advice, leads to tremendous success. We all dream and have the capacity to make our dreams come true if we strive hard and have faith in our dreams.

Proving the truth in the belief is Writer, Anamika Mishra.

Post the success of her debut novel, ‘Too hard to handle’, Anamika Mishra is soon coming out with her new novel, ‘Voice Mates’.

A chit-chat with the Writer threw light on her aspirations, determinations and more…

Did you always aspire to become a Writer or did it come along the way?
I always wanted to be a writer.

What is ‘Voice Mates’ about? A sneak peek…
‘Voice Mates’ is an inspiring story of a girl named Tulip who secretly desires to become a singer. But her parents want her to study hard and get into nation’s best college for studies.
She meets Sam in an unusual way. For Sam, singing is the only way to earn money. Tulip is scared to take chances but Sam convinces her to take a step ahead in order to pursue her dreams. And this is how the story moves on!
It is a very inspiring story for people of all ages, because there is no age-limit to follow dreams and this story will inspire people to take at least 1 chance to pursue their dreams.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I believe inspiration is all around me. Real people and real incidents are the biggest source of my inspiration.

Your idols in life?
Paulo Coelho and Robin Sharma! Both of these writers are my role models.

One genre you want to write some day
Autobiography! I really want to write an autobiography someday!

A typical day in your diary…?
Well, a typical day in my diary has lots of incomplete quotes, poems and doodles. I don’t write a daily journal. Though, I have a habit of writing a gratitude journal every morning, where I write 5 things, I am thankful for, to God!

Your favourite Writer and why?
Paulo Coelho, of-course! His way of writing is so realistic and inspiring that I feel connected to the world that he creates in his books.

E-books are now taking away the habit of hardbound reading; your take on it…
Well, I believe e-books can never replace the charm of physical books.
But yes, e-books are convenient and easy to carry, especially when you are travelling. Previously, I used to carry books with me, until I got a Kindle and loaded it with 100s of books.
But for me, physical books will always be preferred. You know, I first read ‘Fault In Our Stars’ book on kindle but then I purchased its physical copy too; to keep it in my library which has over 2k books. I guess this is the charm of hardbound books!

Success Mantra
Work hard, be determined and keep patience. Success might come late to you, but if you are really determined and loyal to your work, success will be yours for sure!

That sure was inspiring and I am sure many aspiring Writers will get motivated to follow their dreams. Hurdles are meant to make you stronger and victory after obstacles makes success even more enjoyable! Determination is the key word.




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