Nothing is impossible!

rita singh

“There’s only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything.”–
Vincent Lombardi

That is so very true… courage and determination can make the impossible possible and that’s exactly what Rita Singh proved.
She competed at the prestigious National Physique Committee – North Eastern Summer Classic and is the first woman to have competed in Masters above the age group of 45+ in the figure division.

“I am really thankful to the National Physique Committee (NPC) for welcoming me and allowing me to compete. Being the first woman to compete, it was an honour to have received the second place in the open category, second place in the Masters and the third place in the novice category.
I look upon it as a very happy moment for me to be able to set an example especially for the older women in India, who give up on their dreams once they cross 40,” said the elated lady.


Rita Singh has always been passionate about fitness. She was earlier into swimming, skating and even Bharatnatyam.
“Yes, I have always been particular about fitness. In the last 10 years, I started weight training giving a whole new dimension to my quest for fitness. As the fitness industry in India is evolving, I had the opportunity to witness a paradigm change in the entire thought process and level of awareness,” confessed Rita.

“Having gone through 13 major surgeries, looking after and successfully bringing up a child having autism; who has now done his MSc in UK, this sure is a success that makes me proud. There was a time when most doctors said that he would never be able to speak. To add to it all – I have had an extremely complex family life after a childhood with a mother suffering with a severe case of schizophrenia. I completed my post-graduation, and also my education in Indian Classical music.
I now have a full time business in nutritional supplements and fitness counselling; I pursued my competitive career after giving away two decades to my child and family.
I dedicate this to all women who have endlessly sacrificed their lives for their family and by then they are so exhausted that they just give up.
I would just love to say one thing – ‘Rise and Shine’! It is never too late,” opined the winner.

Till a couple of years back, women were not much into weight training. But now, the benefits of weight training have been realised and more and more women are getting interested and reaping the benefits of it. Fitness is a language that both men and women understand and strictly adhere to these days. After all, ‘Health is wealth’ and a fit body keeps the mind and body healthy.
“I do hope to go on further ahead and win accolades for my country, make it a learning experience and prove that age is just a number…” optimistically concluded Rita Singh.

Way to go lady! You sure are an inspiration for us all and we are extremely proud of you.




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