Beats of Beauty

Author: Rajul Tiwari
Price: Rs. 200
Publisher: Authors Pride Publisher Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Anthology

The collection of poetry by Rajul Tiwari is a realistic sketch of life, penned with words and blended with emotions. A collection of rhyming couplets and free flowing verses; the words beckon you and each piece has a tinge of pain embedded within.

The poems run from relationships, siblings, love, pain, to general captures of day-to-day life and events. The language used is simple and captivating, the sentiments echo in every verse.

“In tyranny of pain, I woke up in nights,
in sense of no wrongs and no rights…
the soul inside the cage of the body
again flapped its wings in agitation…
for it could see the clear sky
still had to wait for the cremation.”

The lines above indicate feelings trapped inside the body; feelings of pain and emotional turmoil. It certainly has something to mull over. Each poem in Rajul’s collection carries with it the capacity to make you think, reflect, wonder and maybe identify with the situation sketched by the verses.

The black and white sketches at the bottom of each verse are simple and symbolic, rendering further depth.

They say masterpieces are made from painful experiences and Rajul’s work indicates a life’s journey that has encountered pain from various quarters. It thus, hits you straight at the heart and you can’t help but sigh!

Summing with lines from Rajul’s book –
“Loving to live is not life,
but living to love is.”

A moment of pride for Rajul Tiwari!
A moment of pride for Rajul Tiwari!


  1. Thank you Ajuli Tulsyan! It is heart warming to know that my words could touch a chord of your heart. It is a lovely review and encompasses the ingrained feelings of the poet, apart from establishing a connection to it as a sensitive reader. I was fortunate to have got so many good reviews of Beats of Beauty, but among all the reviews your review stands out. The way you have quoted the lines which are so dear to me, no one did till now. You haven’t met me in person but through my book, now you know a part of me so well. I can’t thank you enough for your encouraging words. Stay blessed! If possible, I would like to meet you some day.

    Liked by 1 person

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