A Beautiful and Enriching Experience

Me with the team: L-R: Poonam Wadhi, Shiva Balivada and Sandra Riedel
Me with the team – L-R: Poonam Wadhi, Shiva Balivada and Sandra Riedel

Having been in the world of PR & Events for quite a while now, I have crossed paths with many interesting professionals from various walks of life.
Some experiences are a one-time lesson while some are extremely beautiful and leave a permanent impact in the sands of time. One such experience was with the leading team of Polar Bear International; this is an experience that left a very happy and contented feeling that I shall never ever forget.

The Managing body of Polar Bear International comprises the Founder, Sandra Riedel (who is a graduate of the Founder Institute Hyderabad, India Chapter); Shiva Balivada, the Co-Founder (popularly called “Father of Nanotechnology Applications in India”) and Poonam Wadhi, the Director of the India Company and the Global Design Head.

We talked the entire event, which was a Press Conference to announce Polar Bear International’s launch into Global Markets . July 3, 2015 was decided as it was an International Plastic Free Day; and Polar Bear International offers biodegradable fabric products utilising nanotechnology. Just the appropriate message on a Plastic Free day!

Sandra, Shiva and Poonam were experts in their own arenas and just talking to them threw light on various aspects of their personalities –
• They had no airs whatsoever and were extremely down to earth individuals.
• They never expected me to be at their beck and call since they were my clients.
• They respected my professional expertise and followed my instructions (read as advice) without any hesitation or interference.
• They were born winners.

July 3 was a successful day as Polar Bear International announced their entry into the global market . Media too appreciated their venture and their products. Amidst the seriousness, we exchanged interesting chats and laughs. Poonam and Shiva are extremely talented and God gifted in their arenas.
Sandra is a darling; always wearing a smile and talking ten to dozen about her dreams and endeavours. Must add here – at a verbal speed faster than the bullet train! 😉 She donned a sari and presented an amazing picture.

The event culminated with snacks and we bid adieu. We vowed to stay in touch and work together in many more initiatives along the way. Fingers crossed!

Polar Bear International…you are awesome and your team simply rocks!

With the adorable Sandra Riedel
      With the adorable Sandra Riedel

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