The Priceless Gift

Author: Hemalatha Gnanasekar
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications; Pages: 140; Price: Rs 210

A simple story with a deep after thought. So many times workplace harassment is tolerated as the employee being harassed is in financial need and so the employer makes the most of the situation; such is the case of Priya.

After her class XII examination, Priya’s mom takes her to Vijay; her employer. Priya’s mom works for Vijay and infact had been working for his dad too. Vijay’s dad respected Priya’s mom, and she is thus very comfortable and attached to her employer’s family at Venkateshwara Quality Inn.

Vijay was in need of an assistant and thus Priya was brought at the perfect time. She becomes Vijay’s assistant for a salary of 2000 rupees.

Vijay is a very ill tempered man; sentiments and emotions have no place in his life. He is a hard task master; who doesn’t spare anyone. The ugly side of Vijay takes sexual advantage of Priya and she helplessly gives way to his ruthless action. Priya’s mom falls ill and fate snatches her away from Priya. The girl grows up, shifts from Chennai to Mumbai and even nurtures a baby (Vikram) who later grows up as a responsible child.
But like they say – “Nobody can escape Karma”; and Vijay loses his wife and daughter in the devastating Tsunami.

On the other hand Vikram gets a job offer at Chennai. Will Priya agree to shift back to the place that shattered her? Will she meet Vijay and will they end up as a happily ever after family?

You must read to know more! 

This is one issue that everyone should be made aware of. Never fall prey to your ruthless boss, when you realise he is trying to take advantage of you. Fight for your right and never hesitate to say NO!


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