Yogurt Bay forays into Hyderabad

The new kid on the block is ‘Yogurt Bay’, the popular Mumbai based Froyo chain (Frozen Yogurt). Serving a beautiful array of Froyos and Waffles, Yogurt Bay is definitely here to stay!

As I entered the dessert parlour for a review, a bright hue greeted me. A dig into different flavours and I was left with a smile. This sure was divine!

Blueberry Cheesecake
Blueberry Cheesecake

“The complete menu features 17 flavours, but at any point of time we will be serving only eight of them. The available flavours would be rotated every month. There are several toppings which are categorised into regular, premium, and luxury. The Froyos are priced between 60-100 rupees for the mini serving (approximately 100 g), while toppings cost between 30-60 rupees,” said Robin Chatterjee, Director, Yogurt Bay.

Waffle Sticks
Waffle Sticks

My favourite was the Salted Caramel. A perfect blend of sweet and salt made it taste very different yet yummy. Even though I am a hard core chocolate fan, I loved the Blueberry Cheesecake much more than the Belgian Chocolate. But I strongly recommend the Belgian Chocolate flavour if you are looking for real chocolate indulgence!

Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel

The other Froyo flavours that I dug into were Mango and Vanilla; but Blueberry Cheesecake was class apart!
All the Froyos are available with a range of toppings and waffle cones.

The waffles were not like the usual ones that I have tried in other places; though I quite liked the innovative idea of serving them on a stick. I tried the custard and nuttela flavours. The custard flavour was scrumptious and definitely something that I would come back for.

A power backup is definitely an immediate requirement in the place as I was a little surprised to know they still need to get a generator.
Also the seating area needs to get accommodation for more. Otherwise the place is just what the city needed to enrich the dessert scene.

Dig into a scoop of Froyo to bid adieu to your gruelling day at work!

Click to watch what Director Robin Chatterjee has to say:



  1. Did you change your layout again? I am loving this too. I like how everything has been moved to the right of your screen. I really need to do this myself. It on my to do list of blog stuff. You’re yogurt desserts look delicious! But personally I am all about that salted caramel

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