ABCD 2 – A Dance Extravaganza

Exactly two years after the grand success of ABCD (Any Body Can Dance), Remo D’Souza returned with the sequel ABCD 2.
If you are a hip hop fan, ABCD 2 would be a perfect treat for you this weekend.
Compared to ABCD, this one goes a step ahead with Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor in the cast; and the 3D effect is an added charm. The story is based on the lives of Suresh and his dancing troop, ‘Mumbai Stunners’. Shamed on Indian television as being cheaters, having copied steps from a Filipino team; the Mumbai Stunners are shunned and ridiculed by everybody.

The latter half of the movie shows the transformation of Mumbai Stunners into Indian Stunners under their guru, Vishnu Sir (Prabhu Deva); and how they get back their lost dignity. There is fun, drama, suspense, thrill, emotions and ofcourse mindboggling dance in ABCD 2.

Dharmesh, Lauren, Punit, Sushant and Raghav from DID (Dance India Dance Talent show on Zee TV), were at par excellence. Varun and Shraddha too seem to have practiced real hard.
The last number that the Indian Stunners perform at Las Vegas is on ‘Vande Mataram’ and is a complete joy to behold! Awesome choreography, mesmerising visual effect and unparalleled dancing; ABCD 2 was a total ‘paisa wasool’!

The 2 hours and 27 minutes left the audience glued to their chair, not a moment seemed boring or senseless.
As a viewer I loved the movie and the climax was a complete charmer, leaving me completely stunned.

Gosh! That was an excellent piece of hip hop. I definitely couldn’t have asked for more.

To catch a glimpse of the foot-tapping and amazing dance numbers from the movie click on:


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