Style Check – III with Adah Sharma

Taking the well accepted “Style Check Series” ahead is a piece from the breathtaking actress Adah Sharma.

Flawless skin, magnetic smile, innocent looks and most importantly the capacity to handle versatile roles; has increased the fan base of the Indian beauty, Adah Sharma, by leaps and bounds. The actress made her debut in Bollywood with the horror flick, ‘1920’ and won the hearts of many. Her portrayal of a possessed woman was highly praised by critics. The actress earned a Best Female Debut nomination at the ’54th Filmfare Awards’ for the same. 2014 saw her debut in Tollywood with Puri Jagannadh’s romance film ‘Heart Attack’; Adah Sharma is truly on a roll!

Doing a little recap…if you recall, I launched my series with the post on the actress Aditi Chengappa ( and then had an equally interesting take on Fashion by the national model Aarti Singh (

Here’s what Adah Sharma has to say:

Styling tips

Be a little mysterious. Having to look sexy doesn’t only mean showing tons of cleavage and tiny hotpants.
Accessorise interestingly and when in doubt it’s better not to accessorise at all than to over accessorise. Simple is always good.
Most important – Just have fun and don’t take fashion too seriously. It changes every few week, anyway 😛

Your style statement

Wear your adah confidently and you will look stunning!

Wardrobe essentials

• Excellently fitting lingerie in white black and tan colours.
• A slightly over-sized white shirt that you can throw over a dress, jeans or shorts.
• Comfortable footwear.
• A well toned body. (Embrace your shape)
• A nice bright confident smile!

What is Fashion for you?

Fashion for me in my films is only sticking to the character. Sometimes I get so close to the character that it becomes part of my personal style for the time I’m shooting the film; dowdy, hot, cute or sexy. In my personal life it’s casual, quirky and a little rebellious at times. I like to wear different silhouettes, experiment with Indian and western. But when I’m home I dress up like a homeless person.



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