My Fascinating World of Dreams

I love travelling. Though, ironically I have not been able to do much. So I travel virtually every day and hope someday it all becomes real.

The best part about travelling virtually aka dreaming with your eyes wide open is the fact that it goes beyond limitations and conditions. I have seen the snow capped Himalayas and the Egyptian Pyramids; the Colosseum in Rome, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and many more.
With this list, you can call it my Bucket List; I am actually giving you a privileged entry into my fascinating world of day dreams.

Let me walk you through my ‘Dream Series’ and you can then compare it with your list. Would love to know if you have visited any of these on my list, even better if you can share an experience or two; this would help me add the teeny weenie bit of reality into my world of dreams and fantasy.

Tighten your seat belts as we embark on the intriguing journey of my dreams. Don’t blame me if it gets a little rough on the way!  🙂

The Himalayas:

Snow-capped Himalayas
Snow-capped Himalayas

I see us (my hubby and I), on a holiday; at the foothills of the Himalayas. And lo and behold! We come across the beautiful Saryu and Pindar valleys, watch the backdrop of the waterfalls and the glaciers and snow covered peaks…wow that sure is a magnificent sight!

What a dream…I really don’t wish to be woken up. But sigh!
No worries… someday…..yes, someday! Better still… your experiences will add the real element to my tale of fantasy.

The Pyramids of Egypt:

The Sphinx at Giza with the Khafra Pyramid in the background
The Sphinx at Giza with the Khafre Pyramid in the background

This dream keeps coming back from childhood days. Its origin has been post my history class. And what do I see?
I am on a cruise along the Red Sea. The cool turquoise waters are a soothing bliss, the mesmerising colossal monuments of Egypt has left me spellbinded. I can see the Sphinx at Giza with the Khafre Pyramid behind. Wow! This sure is a dream that has to get real. Here I am so much at peace with the serene surroundings. But, ah! It’s but a dream!!

Have all of you gone into your ‘dream mode’? Few are dreaming and imagining as it’s on their bucket list just like mine; while others are in their recap mode dreaming of their visit to these breathtaking places.
Keep watching this space; very soon I shall be sharing the next few destinations in my ‘Dream series’.
Till then, keep dreaming and smiling to yourself just like me!

Dream on...
Dream on…

I remember reading these lines somewhere and I totally agree:
“Dream on,
Dream on…
Dream until
Your Dreams come true!”

Happy dreaming!

(Image courtesy: Net)



  1. We always talk about traveling, and soon someday would love to. The Netherlands is exactly where we want to be someday, not only to travel but to live.

    Thank you for this, it put us right back into our “dream mode” which is exactly where we need to be. If you can’t dream, how do you achieve your goals?


    Liked by 1 person

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