To Dad… with Love!

Dear Dad,

How are you? It’s been a while since I wrote to you so decided to update you on everything that you have missed since the last 4 years and 7 months.

I am sure the Gods must have nursed you back to health. Do you still sit glued to the television set, devouring all the cricket matches; or do you have different channels or perhaps different interests now?
I hope they serve you just the food you enjoy. But I bet you can’t get Mom’s signature ‘*Pulao – Maangsho’ (*a Bengali delicacy; basically yellow Fried Rice and Chicken gravy) there, right? Then why did you go? You could have had it here whenever you wanted. And guess what? Now, your little daughter (who ain’t little anymore), has learnt the exotic preparation too! Regretting, eh? You better be…it’s your entire fault for not waiting till I served some for you.

Anyways, here’s the update on everything you missed:

1. I have got married. Yes, I finally have Dad and I know it was you who sent Sumit my way. Only you could send this special gift for me. Thank you Dad!

Sumit & I
Sumit & I

2. Your ‘Gunda’ is back again! We have now adopted a Lhasa Apso and named him Gunda. I can see you smile, as you read this 🙂 He is 2 years now; we had brought him home when he was merely 37 days old. And this one is naughtier than our previous one. Remember you wanted to send ‘Gunda senior’ to IIT? Well, if only you had met this little brat. You would have wanted to send him to IIM.

Gunda Tulsyan - our adorable brat!
Gunda Tulsyan – our adorable brat!

3. Mom has become a bigger ‘heroine’ than she was when you last saw. Yes dad, she actually got herself clicked in her hospital attire before entering the OT for an Angioplasty. Can you believe this? I mean, who does that!!

Mom prior to her Angioplasty!
Mom prior to her Angioplasty!

4. Your darling son exists in this world (totally detached from mine)…have heard he is very successful and is a ‘Richie Rich’ guy today! God bless him and his family!

5. I have heard that your grandson has grown up too and guess what? I have heard he carries a special gene of mine – yes, he is extra sentimental too. What an irony!

6. Mom has learnt to smile while hiding her tears. She misses you a lot.

This is something that I have against you. You broke your promise Dad. Those vows of being with her through thick and thin…through good times and bad times; you left halfway through. You left her Dad, when she needs you most. This is really not fair! 😦

My favourite - Mom & Dad... my world!
My favourite – Mom & Dad… my world!

7. I have learnt to manage my house…learnt to cook…learnt to hide my emotions (well, actually just a wee bit….!)

But one thing hasn’t changed at all –

I can never ever learn how to not miss you. I miss you each day….each hour and each moment. Nothing has changed in this aspect. There is so much I want to share. Those **rummy sessions (**a game of cards that Dad and I played every evening)…heart-to-heart chit-chats, enlightening moments, my emotional downloading session with you…I miss it all!!

Why did you have to go when I wanted to share so much with you. So much has changed and life is so incomplete without you!

Love you Dad….love you forever!!

Love ‘n’ regards,

Your loving daughter



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