Live…and let live!

Life is a perfect blend of good days and bad days. Good days bring with them tons of smiles and giggles but bad days wipe away all the happiness and replace them with tears and gloom.
Having been through a lot of struggle lately in the professional arena, I decided to look for a solution where I could smile even when it was unthinkable. Tried options, spoke to friends…family…frantically surfed the internet and presto! I got the solution.
Now I can don my worries with a perfect smile. So what if I have been ‘not so lucky’ when it comes to my job; my personal life is Heaven on earth! And if God asked me to choose between the two I would rather opt for the happiness on the personal front…professional blues can be driven away. And guess what I have discovered the magical way to drive my professional woes away too…


Sharing the magical tricks to help you drive away sadness and melancholy from your life…so that you can live and let live!
1. Acknowledging that problems are temporary:
Yes, today you are sad because you lost your job but tomorrow is a bright new beginning when you will get another job. And perhaps your next job will be better and much more promising. After all there is light at the end of the tunnel. So cheer up and remember – “Nothing’s impossible…this too shall pass!”
Once you convince yourself this, the smile will be hard to hide.
2. Stop brooding:
Problems come and problems go…but life goes on for ever! True that, so why fret about a temporary phase. Plan for the good things ahead! The more you drown in your worries, the deeper you shall sink. So stand up…let go your worries and think about your dreams, your focus and what you will need to do to make your dreams come true.

3. Testing Time:
Have you ever thought this way – God tests those he knows can excel through the tests and trials? So, you were programmed to win and a victory is most enjoyed after facing tough trials. Chill! Take these hardships and obstacles as your gateway to a big victory that lies ahead. Remember when you were a kid and were learning to ride a tricycle, you succeeded but after a few falls and bruises, right? Life is just like that, it’s a vicious circle.
You fall – get hurt – get up with double the strength – and are all set to take on life’s challenge!
Once you realise and acknowledge this fact of life, NOTHING can shake or shatter you.
4. Look at those suffering more than you:
Have you realised what your friend is going through or maybe your neighbour? Their personal lives are shattered and they have lost their jobs as they are mentally unstable now. Isn’t that awful? What about that little boy you saw the other day who wanted to attend school but couldn’t as he was an orphan and physically challenged as well?!
Thank your stars, you are blessed physically and mentally…the rest can all be tackled.

5. Get busy:
Divert your mind in a direction of your taste. You like painting? Hey! This is just the time you have been blessed with. Get back to work on your canvas. Let your brush paint your canvas with colours that will beautify your life.
Or maybe you like reading, so join the library you so wanted to but couldn’t as you had no spare time. What about the Cooking, Quilling and Chocolate making classes…you have all the time for them now!
The point here is to let optimism flow in by diverting your pain towards worthwhile things. So what if coding and decoding is just not your cup of tea; recognise your passion and make that your profession and your ultimate focus.
Join an NGO or an organisation that works for a social cause. Get busy helping others to the best of your capabilities.
6. Exercise:
Strange but true – the adrenaline rush drives away depression. So, get back into your earlier regime. Plan your day and schedule time for the gym, for swimming, yoga or walks. Sweat out your frustration and breathe in fresh air.

7. Trust the Almighty!
Remember and believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason. God has it all planned for you. He is just testing your patience and weighing your faith. So keep your faith strong and fingers crossed. Success and happiness is just around the corner.

This is just not ‘gyaan’ but a tried and tested formula I adapted post my innumerable experiences of publications shutting down or my bitter experience of workplace harassment or publication exploiting my talent and then smartly bidding adieu! I too fumed and cursed and cried and had mental showdowns. But proud to say I managed to tackle ‘em all.

Today, nothing shakes me…nobody bothers me. I have changed my focus towards giving direction to my dream. Someday, I hope and am certain – my blog shall make headlines.

Till then, I shall toil and burn the midnight oil for, “I have miles to go before I sleep….and miles to go before I sleep!”


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  1. What an wonderful insightful and reassuring post, sometimes I think we all forget that 98% of our problems in life are usually temporary, and this was a great reminder that I needed. And I especially love the part about thinking of others that are worse off because that’s what my mom would always tell me growing up as a kid, “there’s always somebody out there that has it worse than you”

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  2. Great post, thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder! God is great and amazing and ALWAYS provides! Sometimes it is hard to focus on his promise while I am struggling through an issue or when I am being cheated! I always try to refocus and understand that maybe this even that I deem as difficult or wrong is actually to help me out of a situation that would actually be worse! I just need to breath and walk by his faith at all times and the happiness returns because it is a joy for the love that God has promised us! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Yes Amanda…problems come in everyone’s lives and to each their’s seem big. But we should remember it’s just a paasing phase. Faith is what keeps us going. God is great and He will always take care of us.
    Kp smiling ☺


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