Style Check!

What makes celebs look perfect? Do they follow a style pattern? Do they have tips to share? A peek into their wardrobe…what does fashion mean to them?

These queries are always playing on my mind; whenever I meet a celeb, model, stylist, fashion designer, etc., and I am sure like me many of you wonder the same.

So here’s an exclusive column straight from the glitzy world. You are going to get this treat every week…so watch out for this space!
This week and the first from my list is from the actress, ‘Aditi Chengappa’; a perfect beauty with brains and a very dear friend. I love chatting with my celeb friend, who has no whims & fancies and no celeb air at all. Read on to catch a glimpse of her world of glamour and glitterati…
Styling Tips:
I’m definitely not a blind follower of trends, I go with what my heart says even when it comes to fashion 🙂 I’ve always felt that the most important thing is that what you’re wearing should make you feel beautiful and confident, whether anyone else approves is not important! Since summer is upon us, my tip would be to avoid synthetic fabrics and stick to wonderful breathing cotton!
My Style Statement:
If I had to sum it up – effortless glam 🙂 I truly feel a classy white top with jeans can be as glamorous as a gown; glamour to me is an attitude rather than what you are wearing 🙂 My style changes with seasons and moods, but I always like to keep it as little fussy as possible!

Comfy Denim Shorts

Wardrobe Essentials:
I always love whites so I can never have too many white tees or dresses, classic blue jeans in a few shades, denim shorts.
Strappy wedges and gold sandals for the night are a must for the summer.
I love collecting rings 🙂

I love rings :)
I love rings 🙂

Fashion for Me:
Is a wonderful way to express yourself, I always try to marry creativity and comfort, that works for me! When you’re comfortable you automatically feel confident, you want to wear your clothes, not have them wear YOU 🙂

I love 'White'
I love ‘White’


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