Just another day!

Birds have woken me up with their sweet chirp…
I smile and hum too and then the realisation dawns…
Gosh another day has begun!

A day that will soon get busy with updates, posts and group chats…
Mails, WhatsApp, calls and discussions would just transform me into the known territory of modus operandi.
This makes me stop awhile before I begin the daily chores and I ponder…
Do I need to change? Am I just too comfortable in my zone??
Serious thought… but oh so needed!
Life does not stop but needs regular revamping.

And mine has become a bit too monotonous.
I need to change gears…
Need to get the action on…
Need to change ways before ways start changing for me!

But how, when and why…
These are queries that like always stop me from shifting gears.
Today is just another day!
A day when I think of doing something different…
And the usual “ifs and buts” has me stuck again in the same mundane world.

But nothing can beat my optimism as I smile to myself and start humming again…
This time with added zeal…
Tomorrow will be another day and I shall make a bright new start…
I’ll beat the boredom and break the rules…
And then… I will never have to say, “Today is just another day…!”

(Image courtesy: Net – Positive Provocations)



  1. Great thoughts! I love love love my comfort zones and my normal days out here in the woods, in the garden, working by the pond – but stepping outside my comfort is good too. If I don’t like it, I probably never have to do that thing again.

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