Glamour at its best!

Here’s a peek into the glamour world. The latest noise in the glam sham arena is being made by Chic Management Services Pvt Ltd. They recently announced that the finalist ‘Sumit Singh’ will represent India at Men Universe 2015, at Dominican Republic this year.
Men Universe India 2015 is a unique initiative taken by Chic Management Group in association with Vogati Talent and Entertainment Pvt ltd to search for the Country’s Perfect Man who will represent India at the Men Universe Model 2015 Pageant (formerly known as Mister Universe) which is being held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from June 10-21, 2015.
Kiran Gill was the first Indian ever to participate in the first edition of Mister Universe model held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on March 12, 2008. About 21 countries were represented in the pageant. Iván Cabrera Trigo of Spain was crowned the winner while Gill ended up in the top 10 finalist category.

Sumit Singh, Men Universe India 2015 is being groomed and trained by the best experts in the industry to represent the country at an International platform.

Let us take a look at the big names that are focusing towards Sumit Singh’s glamorous win:
Grooming experts: Harsheen Arora (Psychologist) & Amit Hansraj
Wardrobe styled by: Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna
Indian round styled by: Siddharth Tytler
Official stylist: Sahil Gulati
Sumit Singh, our best wishes are with you! Stand tall and make us proud.


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