Shaken but Blessed!


Like many on this planet, I too shared a very muddled relationship with God…sometimes I am certain – there is God while at times when the going gets real tough, beyond endurance; I question his existance…

I am saying – “I too shared…” as its a thought of the past now. Today, I believe in his existence as I have personally experienced his presence.
Surprised? I too was…!!
But read on to share this experience of mine…

It was May 14, 2015, Thursday( and like they say, Guruwar or Baba’s day).
Every time I visited Ranchi, Mom would say we would definitely visit the much talked about Sai Mandir in Lapung. This time we finally did it and it changed my life or rather the way I looked at life.
Mom had heard the Mandir was around 20-25 kms from home so 5pm seemed a decent time to set out for the darshan.
But mid way we realised that the mandir was not 20 kms but 38 kms(said passers by).

What then? Should we go back as we still had a long way to go…??
But both of us were determined to complete our long pending darshan and so we continued.
I had switched on my Google map to show the way and it certainly did a marvellous job!
About 9 kms before our destination we hit a dense forest, which was the Maoists den (which we learnt later) and was also the abode for many wild elephants(again an info attained later!!!

It started pouring and was pitch dark but we went on….
Ahead of us was a jeep seated with policemen (learnt later that Maoists don police uniform)!
Later the jeep vanished into the jungle.

I picked up my handset to call my hubby as he must be wondering where we were. But there was no signal at all.
I was a little taken aback but put the though aside as all my focus was on my destination.
Everytime we (my Mom, me and our driver) wondered whether we should go straight or take a left or right, the voice came to our rescue.
Finally it said – “You have reached your destination.”
And we certainly had but it was 8 pm and the temple doors had shut. So would we have to go back disappointed after all this?
We decided to walk till the temple door and guess what?
The grill was not shut and the temple was well lit and the best part – Baba was not covered. As you know in temples, post temple timings neither is the main bright light lit nor is the idol left uncovered.
The only thing that lay between Sai Baba’s idol and us, was a glass door and 4 huge dogs that were guarding the door.
But the dogs didn’t stir at all. ..had we become invisible?? Who knows!
But yes, we peacefully said our prayers and headed back home.
I hit the map again to be our guide but the screen read – “No network!”
The driver then said – ” Madam, there is no tower here for the next 9 kms, it wasn’t there when we were coming either.”
No tower….no network….but the map showed us the way to our destination!!!

No technology…no scientific explanation….!!

A notorious locality, pitch dark….but we safely completed our mission…and those who believe in the Supreme power will understand how!
We came back shivering…shaken….but blessed.
Om Sai Ram!!



  1. Sounds surreal. Lot of times it’s also about our belief. When we really believe in something, the universe helps us achieve that! So the universe, an unexplained power helped you reach the temple you two were so determined to visit. Faith, they say, can do a lot.

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  2. Wow divine. Can I please share with you that almost 6-7 years back my friends literally kidnapped me and took me to Shirdi Sai baba temple from Mumbai. I was reluctant as these were people I just knew and were not too thick with. One of them was from America and wanted to really do the darshan.
    As luck would have it we were carrying mobiles and there was no place to leave them, we were getting late ( had to return to Mumbai the same day). So I volunteered to stay at the gate with the mobiles etc and asked them to go for darshan.
    Almost half an hour later the aericanbot came back and insisted I go for darshan later as he was unable to find the main temple. So I head straight inside. There it was time for Aarti and I with some hundreds of others had to wait up in the queue in one of their halls.
    Ultimately after the darshan when o went out I realised only I had had the darshan and they bothe had Beene waiting for me outside the temple complex.

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  3. Believe has the power to change life .. It sometimes strikes you early and sometimes a little late, but once you are struck with it, it stays on for a long time. Your experience gives goosebumps and makes us think on a far larger scale of those powers which are beyond our explanations.

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  4. Amazing experience you had there. I too believe in the Supreme power. But i’m sort of waiting for something magical to happen to me to start believing even more. Something holds me back i feel. Anyway, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience 🙂

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