“Dilli – dil waalon ki”…really??


By: Srishti Khanna; Published by: Om Books International; Price: Rs. 250

After a long time I read something that made me smile to myself. Yes, ‘DilliLeaks’ is a fun read and many a times it would make you feel as if you are reading a ‘Dilli-ites’ diary.

If you are a Dilli-ite yourself, then Heaven save…as you can completely relate to this.

Written in a simple yet satirical way, this book is a sneak peek into the ‘socially wannabe’ world of Delhi.

All types make the world and in Delhi, you can actually catch a glimpse of ’em all!

Farmhouse parties, hen parties, bachelor parties, the insomnia buddies, the Naarad Muni…all in ‘Punjabi ishtyle’ will keep you grinning; as you can’t help walking down memory lane and faintly recall some of these parties that you too were a part of.

The city has a perfect compendium of “single – not ready to mingle”, typical Dilli girls to the “married darlings”. Not to forget the uncanny resemblance of many situations in the typical ‘Dilli’ way – “What is your mobile number?” to “on a Jatt plane” and more; Srishti has definitely surpassed expectations with this ironical piece. A quick and light read but a lot of punches that can’t go amiss!

These lines below from the book sums it all:

“In Dilli, you can be king,
if you know the right notes to sing.

The city is with secrets ablaze,
as you crawl through its soulless maze.

While bravado helps me spill the beans,
a good Merlot is always the better means.”

Happy reading!!


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