True…but to think of it who has time for the other in this self centered world.
Friends, relatives…family (sigh!); are all but existing in your relationship diary.


When are you remembered? When someone misses you? Common, don’t be silly and hope against hopes.
You are remembered when there is an emergency situation, which only you can tackle or maybe it’s one of those occasions when the ‘duty of wishing’ beckons…birthday, anniversary, festival…
Oops hold on, even that has gotten passé…thanks to WhatsApp, Facebook and BBM.

In this goddamn world of today, there is no scope for petty emotions, futile relationships and contacts that have no ‘return value’.
It hurts to see people change, to watch friends go and near & dear ones feigning ignorance.
But well, that’s life and guess it’s time I let go of those who don’t care a wee bit about me; while I tighten my grip on those that genuinely care!!!



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