The Clock!


The happiest time in Gunda’s day is evening and his favourite pastime is glaring at the clock!
At times I seriously wonder…can he actually read the clock?

The clock strikes 8 AM and our little brat literally shoos us off the bed.
He starts with a little pat, then come mild licks…followed by sloppy licks and finally the barks. Leaving us with no choice but to leave the blessed bed.

The ‘Calcium’ time is fixed…the ‘Soup’ time is fixed.

Gunda’s friends are just like him…dot 5.30 PM, they ring the bell; demanding the ‘little hero’s’ presence in the playground…and our l’le cool fella races behind them non stop wagging his tail!

Today evening was extra special for Gunda…he played football with his buddies and it sure was a sight to behold!

Dead tired …yet the apple of our eye is trying his luck, hoping he can postpone his sleeping time.
On one hand he is taking circles, attempting to grab his own tail; while on the other side, he is sneaking glances at the clock.

Time to sleep sweetheart… it’s been an amazing day and all the credit goes to you. Now store your energy for tomorrow.
Love you!!


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