A Self Journey


The Healer Within
By: Meenu Chopra
Price: Rs. 250
Published by: Self published by White Falcon Publishing
Life, sufferings…death; nothing lies within our grip and one has to experience what one is entitled to experience.

Meenu Chopra’s book, “The Healer Within” took me on a self journey and made me realise how important it is to accept my fate with a pinch of salt and in a positive way.

When disease or sadness hits an individual, the immediate response is self pity followed by depression and finally the lack of interest to exist.

Meenu’s book is a perfect amalgam of experiences that talks about various individuals and their ailments as well as her journey in treating them as a Cosmic Healing Therapist. Many a times, a sufferer comes to a spiritualist only when he/she realises no other solution exists and takes this as the last and final resort. Many of the cases talked about in this book are on the same lines, making us wonder – why then is a therapy like this required? Can it beat death? Can it kill the disease? Can it remove our suffering?

Well, the answer is simple – when in the final stage of a life threatening disease, therapies definitely cannot beat death where medical science failed. But it can surely release unwanted stress and mental agony. It can help reduce the suffering and also diminish and gradually remove the negativity from one’s mind, body and soul.

Whether it was the 72 year old man, Sujeet Kataria, behaving like a six year old or a six year old kid, Saunit; the healing process that Meenu followed had a systematic approach which she had picked up from her idol and Guru, her Badhey Papa.

What I liked about the book was the personal touch. Yes, each of the stories was real; only names were changed in some cases (which is understandable), making the book a perfect motivational self help piece.

If you or your near and dear ones are totally fed up with life and feel that there is no more purpose to live – pick this up. You will realise how each case was dealt with and tackled. If ‘they’ could do it, why can’t you? Life is undoubtedly filled with undulations, there is a high tide and a low tide in each individual’s ‘life chakra’ but dealing with it is the key to living.

Hats off to Meenu  for giving a meaning to many lives that had almost stopped living!



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