The Power of Love!


The Girl He Left Behind
By: Shilpa Suraj
Published by: Harlequin India Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Rs. 150

A perfect Mills & Boon story, beautifully spun the Indian way; with an apt blend of love, hate, emotional upheavals and family drama. Making it more interesting is the element of friendship between the four characters – Sia, Ryan, Minty and Adarsh.

Sia Sharma and Ryan Mathur had been one time lovers; who had parted ways, completely shattering Sia’s heart. Ryan had just walked away without a reason and hadn’t looked back for six years.

Six years is a long time and Sia’s life took a lot of twists and turns. She got married, hurt and separated, totally aversed to love and relationships. Minty, Sia’s BFF stood by her through thick and thin and the two were literally inseparable.
Fate gets Ryan back in town and Sia is in a state of utter confusion. Is Sia open to accepting Ryan back in her life…letting bygones be bygones?

The reality of situations, the excellent portrayal of emotions left me glued to the book and I finished it in one go. Shilpa Suraj has penned a beautiful piece of romance, making you unintentionally identify with the characters…as you wonder what will happen next.

Definitely a must read for all the romantic souls and also for the practical and unromantic ones; who knows, this novel may just inspire you to believe in the institution of love or perhaps motivate you to rekindle an old flame!
Happy reading!!!


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