Wake Up to VAKE – Education at its best


By: Anu Manhotra
Price: Rs 185
Published by: Notion Press

Being an avid reader, I have come across all kinds of books from various genres. Although ‘Fiction’ is my ‘forte’, meaningful reading too finds place in my passion.

‘Wake up to VAKE’, is a read that comes in the latter category and is a perfect tale of a heart whelming journey to revolutionise the education system. ‘VAKE’ stands for Value and Knowledge Education; a vital element that makes your education complete.

Education is not just about the degrees or the lectures in classrooms, it is about morality, ethics and also about learning lessons from past heroes… Education is about VAKE.

Life today has become very challenging and maximum parents are left with little time to focus on the overall education of their children.

The end result – the school, the teacher, the tutor… are blamed if the child fails in life and hence complete responsibility rests on the teachers’ or tutor’s shoulders.

‘Wake up to VAKE’ talks about Riti, a trainer and how she goes about changing not only the mindset of her students but also of the entire spectrum of education ranging from the school principals, teachers and finally most importantly the parents.

Riti had trained Rahul, and groomed him into a well versed individual. Rahul doted on his teacher and ‘Wake up to VAKE’ was actually his way of showing his gratitude to his “Riti Ma’am”.

An unfortunate incident during her struggle to educate and train various schools got her bed ridden and Riti was unconscious for days together. Naveen (her husband), Riya (her sister) and Aman (her little son) stood by her; strong in faith and true in love. And finally, Riti emerged victorious and there came a day where she was able to stand back on her own two feet.

The little tips at the end of each chapter would be valuable takeaway for the readers. What I really enjoyed in the book was the beautiful transition from fiction to education and back to fiction, leaving no scope for boredom; ofcourse this also helped me ignore a few errors that I couldn’t help noticing as an Editor. Blame it on my profession or on my eye for perfection!

Overall a book that could easily function as a Trainer’s guide; definitely a must read for Teachers and Parents.


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