Life Sundae – A Blissful Read

life sundae

Publisher: BSCPD(BSC Publishers & Distributors)
Compiled by: Ritiik Babbar
Price: Rs. 195

Short stories have their own beauty. You can read them at leisure and not worry about what will happen next. Yes, read one story and leave the rest to be completed later.

“Life Sundae”, is a perfect blend of literary work topped with magical love potions from various authors. Each story has an element of love and the best part is the fairy tale ending. Yes, there is a “happily ever after” conclusion in each of the tales. For mushy hearts like me, each story left me with a feel good feeling and a secret little smile thereafter.

Love stories are common but happy endings and a take away from each tale is a rarity. ‘Life Sundae’ is an experience in itself. It takes the reader through various love experiences, rides, jolts, tears but finally sums it up with smiles.

A few of the stories that really stole my heart are – ‘Love, Lost & Found’ by Prasanna Rao, ‘Honeymoon @ 75’ by Ritiik Babbar and ‘Game of Fate’ by Brinda Tailor and Milan Modi. ‘Honeymoon @ 75’ stole the show as it re-instated the fact that love is eternal. As long as the flame of love is strong, the feelings for each other get stronger with age.

Love is an euphoria of emotions, a feeling that cannot be described in mere words, but when compiled together and put forth in an easy to read format, the entire experience becomes memorable and cherishable.

It was lovely traversing the journey of love with the authors through their tales in ‘Life Sundae’!



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