Till a few days back, my life was a bit too hectic. I had lost track of days, months, occasions, festivals…infact I had no ‘ME’ time too!
As of now I have all the time and have been fruitfully utilising it too.
Catching up on my book reviewing, watching ace movies, stealing naps and most important – weighing my thoughts and aspirations.

Some deductions from my ponderings:
1. Nobody cares about what you are going thro’ or what you have gone through…
2. Suddenly everyone is extra busy…
3. True colours are revealed…the good part – you do have some true buddies who truly care ☺
4. Others indifference makes you extra confident.
5. After all the thinking, you finally realise – even if bad things happen to good people, it means some surprise goodies are in store.

My goodies have begun pouring in, I don’t care about who says what…I was right and my efforts are being rewarded.
Here’s to an optimistic future…cheers!!! 👍


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