Truly Blessed!

Time sure flies…can’t believe its exactly 30 months today since we got married. Am in a complete flash back mode as I walk down the memory lane filled with sweet memories, nostalgic moments and those innumerable priceless occasions of celebrations.
Marriages they say are made in Heaven, and I definitely second that. Couldn’t have imagined life with someone other than ‘Sumit’.

He has a solution for everything and a tolerance level beyond description.
My sudden cravings for golguppas, meetha paan, tandoori chicken, Fanta; believe me the list is endless but is taken care of without any grudge. Infact my adorable hubby fulfills all my fancy wishes with a million dollar smile.

Did I mention…am truly blessed!

We perfectly balance each other. Though some tastes of ours are similar some are miles apart.

He dotes on Cricket while for me its a big ‘NO’. Its worth mentioning here, how we spend hours together sitting beside each other… contented sitting together but lost in different worlds.
While his is Cricket…mine is usually ‘Books’; yeah right! Am a complete bookworm.
The icing on the cake is how my better half knows exactly how to get me ecstatic. Yes, whether it’s Chetan Bhagat’s latest or an award winning release, the Flipkart order is booked even before I mention it.
Yeah…am so very lucky!

I could actually pen down a book as I have so many things to share and re-live; well, that sure is a ‘Must Do’ in my ‘To do List’.

For now, I want to thank the Almighty for giving me the best gift ever – a perfect soul mate!


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