Life’s Lessons


I am no scholar or expert but have learnt a few priceless lessons in life…after experiencing them ofcourse.

Am sure many can identify with me while some can take them as warnings…and others can simply shrug ’em off; labeling them as ‘gyaan’! ☺

1. Nobody’s existence in your life is for ever. Each one comes, does their role and then walks off from your life.

2. And since no one is permanent in your life, don’t get emotionally attached.

3. Let go…
Yes, trust your instincts and the moment you feel someone is trying to get detached. Do the honours…free him/her from the burden. You break the ties.

4. Never ever try to make amends/peace between lovers/couples. They fight and then patch up while you end up making a fool of yourself.
Ever heard of ‘lover’s tiff’? And yet you were coming in between. Duh! Don’t ruin the romance…

5. And finally…
Read between the lines. Simple statements may have hidden agenda while complex sentences may actually be a simple thought just meant to complicate.

Tired already?
Guess that’s enough for now…more later.
Till then sleep on my points and wake up with a fresh mind.
Good nite!


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