Lamchwa – A gripping tale of love ‘n’ life

After a long time I read a novel (‘Lamchwa’), that breathes simplicity and originality from the prelude to the conclusion.

Lamchwa, the main character in the novel; is a simple guy with a strong will power and a go getter attitude in life. He hails from a village called Molain and lives with his mom, Mrs Rida and two younger siblings, Marbod and Salan.

Having lost his father in an unfortunate mishap, the family responsibility falls on Lamchwa’s shoulders at an age when he should have been pursuing his education. But then, life has a way of its own and takes tough tests. Lamchwa’s break in education and the family’s burden did not deter him from taking life confidently and positively.
His strong determination and sincerity is duly acknowledged and he steadily climbs the ladder of success; gets promoted from a mere labourer to a business partner in a coal business owned by Ma Kiang.
The author, D.R. Michael Buam is truly gifted in the way that he churns emotions into words and has a smooth flow of gripping content.

Ma Kiang resides in Mo Suway, which is 60 metres from the National Highway 44. He stays with his daughter Maya, who is academically sound and a wonderful human being like her father.

While pursuing her research Maya meets Pynhun, who is her roommate and in due course becomes her soul sister as well.

The story takes a turn and therein steps the element of love; in the form of a triangle.

Who does Lamchwa choose between Maya and Pynhun and what happens to the one who isn’t the chosen one?

I am tempted to spill out the beans but would encourage all of you to pick up a copy and take this interesting fictional journey on your own.
Before I conclude must warn you, there is a sudden change of moods too. When you feel all’s going well and the fairy tale is just about to conclude with its ‘happily ever after’ normal prediction, someone in the love triangle is hit by a fatal disease, leaving almost no chance of survival. Will the person be saved in a miraculous way?

Read, to know more…

The work is truly commendable as you get hooked on, identifying with the characters. I must also admit that there wasn’t a wee bit of boredom or monotony to play spoil sport to this beautifully spun tale of love and life.

Kudos to the author for letting reality and simplicity find place in an imaginable work of fiction thus developing it into a work of perfection!


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