A True Winner!


The good part of my profession is I get to meet and interact with various people from varied walks of life.

Some interactions are forgotten in a jiffy while some leave memorable impressions in the sands of time.

Have been hearing about this personality for years together. Earlier my Dad talked ten to dozen about how perfect a gentleman he is and now my hubby keeps raving about him…
Am referring to the ace Cricketer of bygone days, V.V.S. Laxman; a person bestowed with talents.

As we started our conversation, the ice broke within minutes and I had VVS walking me down the memory lane with him.
No attitude,  soft spoken and witty; I learnt so much from him…
But the most important take for me from this priceless interaction today was the sure shot code to success.

“Life may not always work in your favour,
There may be strong turbulences…
But the capacity to swim through the storm and stay focused on the goal is the mark of a winner”.

Confidant of myself and wearing the armour of undeterred determination…am ready to take on life with a new found optimism and enthusiasm.
Try me life…I can face it all…
‘Cause today I learnt it from a winner that nothing is impossible if you have faith and the zeal to excel.


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