Someday…yeah someday!


I hate sounding depressed or pessimistic. ..
But looking at the world around makes me sigh!

Life has been playing mean games and makes me wonder and exclaim why?
I try to accept whatever am offered but can’t help saying, why me…!!
It hurts to see people around me earning double when a couple of years ago I had been earning double than them.

So many dreams…simple yet so far away…
A car, a book published, a house…a son…
Are these too much to ask for???
Yet these dreams seem petty n so far away…

A job that will make me smile..
A salary that is worthy of me…
An opportunity to vent out my creativity..
And make all my dreams come true.
Someday…yeah someday..
Till then I can see others smile as I patiently wait for my turn…
And quickly wipe the tear that tells tales on me.
Someday…yeah someday…!!


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