The reading virus hit me pretty early in life. But this is one virus I wish to live with forever. I remember reading beneath the blanket under a torchlight….as the light in my room was strictly forbidden post 22.00 hrs.
There was a special thrill that only those who have experienced would be able to relate to….

The St Clares & Malory Towers series, Famous Five, Secret Seven, Agatha Christie, Perry Mason, Classics, Nancy Drew…my entire world revolved around this.
As I grew up I started graduating from these to Mills & Boons and spent hours day dreaming about my Prince in shinning armour.
Friends came and left…crushes happened and were forgotten but books were loyal as ever…

Even today reading is one passion that gives me immense happiness and peace.
While my friends love shopping, travelling, clubbing….I would rather unwind with a book.
Ah! The thought itself is divine.

Am saddened though by the growing disinterest in hard bound reading.
How can one miss out on the thrill of holding a book or the intoxicating & magical  aroma of the pages…
Surprised? Believe me, no perfume can match the lovely fragrance of a book.

A few books that have touched me deeply and I would encourage everyone to read are:
Love Story by Eric Segal, Marley & Me, Family Matters (Rohinton Mistry), Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand), Shopaholic series, Harry Potter series, Twilight series, The Japanese Wife (Kunal Basu), Ladies Coupe (Anita Nair), Namesake (Jhumpa Lahiri)…..well the list is endless.
Happy reading!



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