Humara Bajaj


Today I suddenly seem to be very nostalgic. Yes…some Saturdays have this effect on me.
This was the day of the week Dad used
to take me out on his scooter (the pride of our family – Bajaj)…for a special treat.
Everytime I excelled in my grades, this xtra special treatment was in store for me. And mind you, this was pretty often as believe it or not,  I was academically very sound 🙂
We used to straight hit ‘Good Books’, a book shop in Ranchi and I remember being super excited amidst a whole world of books.
My joy knew no bounds when I would be allowed to buy 3-4 ‘story books’.
And that was not all,  I would next be treated to a softy icecream at Firayalal (I still adore the softies there).
Such limited options to an outing yet such an amazing memory.
I so miss those days…sigh 😭

This little memory gets me thinking…are we really happy today when we have so many options for enjoyment or are we losing out on this term called ‘happiness’…
The celebrations at posh restaurants or the movie on the recliner at the multiplex stand no chance in front of those innocent days of bygone years.
Its a pity every bit of our day today seems to be plagued with the ‘fakeness’ virus.
I so miss those childhood days…I awfully miss u Dad!


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